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Hari Gita Teachings

A collection of teachings from Hari Gita.

A young child grows older as time goes by, however the soul in such a way doesn't age. The physical body may get destroyed however the soul is indestructible. In all the three passage of times it remains luminous, conscious, imperishable, and subtle and yet cannot be recognized without its knowledge. Knowing the characteristics of the soul in this way is called atmagyan.

Vairagya or non-attachment is having a disregard for everything that is not Bhagwan or affiliated with Bhagwan. More specifically Vairagya is where one should not have attachment or affection for their body; have no affection for their partner, kin, wealth, home, animal, vehicles or the objects indulged in by the soul via the ten indriya’s like sound (panch vishay), clothes, jewellery, kingdom, the pleasures of the abodes of rewards such as Swarglok and any other pleasures in life beside those of Bhagwan.

The word ‘bhaj’ means to ‘serve’ and the word ‘ktin’ means ‘with pure love’. Therefore to serve Bhagwan with extreme love is what the wise people understand to be bhakti.