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Energy Of Sun – Energy Of Moon – Influencing Individual – Hinduism Concept

The system of hatha yoga recognizes the existence of two conflicting energies in an individual and provides the instruction for harnessing the eventual union of these energies.

The two energies are ha and tha. Ha represents the energy of the sun, and tha, that of the moon. These two forces influence the individual in opposite ways, and at any time one or the other is dominant in an individual. 

There is continuous movement from one to other, and so the individual is never in perfect balance which is the natural state of human being.

The outer manifestation of these energies can be seen in the form of left and right breath (respiration through the two pores of the nose).

The energies of ha and tha flow through the system primarily through two important channels or nadis (nerves) called ida and the pingala. The paths of these channels (sympathetic chords) cross over each other many times but actually meet at only one point, the entrance to the sushumna nadi (in the spinal cord). This is the most important nadi in the system, and the goal of hatha yoga is to unite and get the energies of ha and tha to enter the sushumna nadi. The reason why this does not happen naturally is because at the entrance to the sushumna nadi is an obstacle, the sleeping state of kundalini. Unless properly guided, our actions further enlarge this obstacle. Hatha yoga provides the guidance and practices through which the fire within can be directed at the kundalini,which is thereby slowly awakened to proceed upwards in the sushumna.

When this happens, the energies of ha and tha (flowing in the ida and pingala) can enter the sushumna nadi and become one. This union of ha and tha is symbolized by the one word hatha yoga. One who has achieved this is under ideal conditions – a person in the this state is joyful at all times, full of clarity in every situation and is ever conscious of this state.