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Emperor Raghu Of Solar Dynasty – Great Grandfather Of Bhagavan Sri Ram

Raghu a great emperor of ancient India was born to Emperor Dilipa in the solar dynasty. He was the great grandfather of Bhagavan Sri Ram of Ramayana.

Emperor Dilipa declared that his son would be an expert in Shastras and would defeat his enemies; therefore his name should be Raghu, a Sanskrit word which means “the fast one.”

Raghu had a son by the name of Aja, who was the father of King Dasharatha, the father of Sri Ramachandra.

Raghu ruled the kingdom of Ayodhya and his dynasty was named after him – Raghuvamsa (dynasty of Raghu).

After the Ashwamedha sacrifice performed by emperor Raghu, the yajna horse was stolen by Indra. Raghu defeated Indra in a battle and brought the horse back.

He inherited the kingship of Ayodhya and established peace and tranquility everywhere in the kingdom.

He conquered kingdoms in all quarters of the Earth and performed the Vishwajit Yajna, literally the ‘the sacrifice of world conqueror’.

Whatever wealth he obtained by conquering countries, he distributed it among the learned people and poor.

Once Kautsa, the disciple of Rishi Varatantu, approached King Raghu and begged for alms. He needed them to pay Guru Dakshina to his preceptor. However, at that time there was not a single penny in the treasury, so Raghu fulfilled this request by conquering Kuber, the treasurer of Devas or demigods.

World famous poet of ancient India, Kalidasa, had written an epic, Raghuvamsha, on the story of Raghu and the important kings of his dynasty.