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Dwi Mukhi Ganapati - Information About Dwi Mukhi Ganesha

Dwi Mukhi Ganapati is a unique form of Ganesha with two heads. This form is one among the 32 forms of Ganesh. This form blesses a devotee with long life. Dwi Mukhi Ganapati mantra is

Svadanta pashankusha ratnapatram
Karairadadhanah harineelagaatrah!
Raktaanshuko Ratna Kireeta moulin bhootyai
Sadaa mey dwi mukhi ganesha!!

The twin headed Dvi Mukha Ganapati has four arms. They hold noose, goad, broken tusk and a pot of gems. The body color is blue-green.

Meditation on this form helps in attaining peace. Devotees are also blessed with prosperity and long life.

The famous Badrinath Temple in Uttarakhand has Dwi Mukhi Ganapati murti as a subsidiary deity.