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Difficult and Rare Hanuman Puja for Peace and Prosperity in Family

There are some rare and difficult pujas in Hindu religion for achieving desires. Such pujas helps in achieving concentration. It also makes a person realize about the difficulties other people face in life. Here is a difficult and rare Hanuman Puja for peace and prosperity in family.

The puja is to be performed on Saturday midnight. The exact time is after 11:59 PM on Saturday.

First you need to identify a Hanuman temple which has a peepal tree and is open during night.

Take bath and reach the temple at midnight.

Light lamp using mustard oil. Four wicks should be lit.

Sit in meditation for few minutes by concentrating to on Hanuman.

After this chant Hanuman Chalisa 11 times.

Sit in meditation for few minutes.

This unique ritual will help in solving relationship problems in family. There will be no fights. Peace and prosperity will return to the family.

How this puja helps?

We lead a busy life. There is desire, anger, ego, money problem.... There is no time to think properly.

A person who performs the ritual will get opportunity to think and understand what is causing problems in the family.

The person will realize mistakes and will make attempts to correct them.