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Daan In Shravan Month – What Offerings, Donations, Alms And Charity In Shravan Mahina?

Shravan Month is dedicated to Shiva and there is a belief that performing Daan in the month will help in cleansing of sins and this will lead to a happy and prosperous life on earth. Offerings and donation are also done for wish fulfillment. Some people perform charity in Shravan Mahina to solve problems in life and family. Giving various kinds of alms in the month is considered highly meritorious and it is mentioned in Shiva Purana and Linga Purana.

Important Daan in Shravan Month

  • White sandalwood (सफेद चन्दन), rice (चावल), silver (चांदी), Mishri (rock sugar) (मिश्री), pure cow ghee (गाय का घी), milk (दूध), kheer (खीर), barfi (बर्फी )and white flowers (सफेद पुष्पों). This will help in wish fulfillment. It also helps in achieving peace and happiness in the family. (मनोकामनाएं पूर्ण होती हैं, घर में खुशहाली आती है।)
  • Feeding ox and cows (नंदी ) grass (घास ) in the month is believed to help in getting the blessing of Shiva.
  • Offering leaves like bilva patra (बिल्वपत्र), shami patra (शमीपत्र), shivlingi (शिवलिंगी) and awala (आंवला) will help in sin redemption.
  • Planting Bilva, awla, jackfruit and mango trees in the month will help in good married life and the person will become wealthy.
  • To overcome Kaal Sarp Dosh, donate a pair of snakes made of copper, bronze or silver to a temple or sacred place.
  • Donating Rudraksh to people will help in improvement of stature.
  • For attaining moksha (escape from endless cycle of birth and death), a person should donate food, water, horse, cow, clothes, bed, chair or umbrella.
  • Helping poor people in buying medicine or paying for their medical expenses will help in improving health. This will also help in early cure of serious diseases.
  • Lighting a lamp in the evening just before sunset daily and praying will help in achieving peace in life.
  • Offering Kheer, other white color sweet or malpua to Shiva will help in solving all kinds of problems in life. These items should be distributed to all people.

Time to Perform Dhan in Shravan month

  • Mondays
  • Tuesdays
  • On all days in the month during Pradosh period – starting 1.5 hours before sunset.