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Bhima and Bakasura Story Mahabharata - Fight Between Bakasura Bhima

One of the famous stories associated with Bhima in Mahabharata is that of him killing the demon Bakasura. This happened when Pandavas were living in Eka Chakra village after escaping from the wax house built by Duryodhana. The story of the fight between Bakasura and Bhima is found in the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata. ,The second of the Pandava brothers, Bhima is also known as Vrikodara, one with the stomach of a wolf.

Pandavas and their mother, Kunti, reached Eka Chakra and decided to stay there. Soon they discovered that the village was terrorized by a demon named Bakasura.

Bakasura used to attack the village and kill people and animals. So the villagers made a contract with Bakasura, in which a house from the village will provide food to the demon. Bakasura also ate the man who carried the food.

Kunti found out that it was her neighbor’s turn to provide food. The poor woman of the house only had a son and if he was killed, there would be no one for her. Kunti agreed to solve the problem. She consoled her that one of her sons will carry the food to Bakasura.

Kunti then asked Bhima to carry the food to the demon. He took the food to the cave of Bakasura and started eating the food. Bakasura who heard the noise came out and found Bhima eating the food.

A fight broke out between the two and Bhima easily overpowered and killed the demon.