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Ananda Ramayana Story – Importance Of Anand Ramayan Version Of Epic Ramayana

Ananda Ramayana is an abridged form of the Adhyatma Ramayana of Sage Valmiki. It is of importance as it contains side stories that are not part of the Valmiki Ramayan.

Ananda Ramayana is also in the form of a conversation between Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The book has many innovations, narrations and incidents not found in the Adhyatma Ramayana.

King Padmaksha wished to have Goddess Lakshmi as his daughter.

King offered prayers to Lord Vishnu who gave a pomegranate fruit to him from which Maha Lakshmi emerged as his daughter.

The daughter grew up into a beautiful princess and during her marriage (Swayamvara), Ravana killed King Padmaksha.

On seeing her father being killed, the daughter entered fire and immolated herself; when the first was extinguished there were five divine gems.

Ravana kept them in a box and gave it to his queen Mandodari.

The books became heavier as days went by.

Ravana broke open the box and much to his surprise, saw a beautiful girl inside. Taken aback, he put her back in box and ordered servants to take it away from Lanka and bury it under the ground.

This was the girl found by Janaka during the preparation for the yajna (sacrifice), and King Janaka named her as Sita.

Ananda Ramayana contains numerous such side stories.