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13 Reasons Why You Are Unsuccessful In Life?

Reasons for being unsuccessful are many. If we are ready to accept them and change, then the dark cloud of unsuccessfulness will slowly drift away and the light of success will bask on us. Here is a look at 13 reasons why you are unsuccessful. 

  1. The main reason for unsuccessfulness is our inability to read the situation properly. Know what you are capable of, your talent and your limitations. Work on your strength. 
  2. For permanent success and happiness, honesty and integrity is necessary. If honesty and integrity is missing, the life of success will be short. Again this short span of success will bring with it manifold misery in future.
  3. If the base of your success is not built on hard work, honesty and integrity then it will be easily shaken and torn down.
  4. Our perspectives and prejudices need to be monitored. It needs to be checked constantly. The right way to check it is by constantly refreshing our knowledge. Never stop learning.
  5. Adapt with the environment, if we wish to stay successful. Those who are adamant and not willing to take up the positive sides of changes will perish. Be flexible and be open to accept all that is good. Also, never hesitate to completely reject those changes that are unethical.
  6. To do big or small things in life, the quality of persistence is necessary.
  7. Drop all disharmonious thoughts. Never allow negative thoughts to breed and flourish. Always be in the company of positive people. Always approach a problem with a positive mind.
  8. Never hesitate to change what is wrong  - even the change requires to go against friends and relationships. Success often depends on good relationship and good friends. If you are wrong, accept it and change.
  9. Be creative. Do not follow the crowd. There will be pain when you are not part of the crowd. But then there is no success without pain.
  10. Instead of constantly thinking about work, take a break. Develop a hobby. Travel. Meet people. Spend time with the family. This will ultimately help in being successful.
  11. Like and enjoy what you are doing. Never focus on the result. Success can only happen if you enjoy what you are doing. If your work is a burden, you will never be successful.
  12. There are no shortcuts to success. There is also no rest after success. Keep working like the ants. For a person who loves his/her work, there is always something exciting.
  13. Patience is a very important tool to achieve worthy goals and to overcome adverse circumstances. Trying situations will pop up any moment in life. You will never reach your goal if you are upset and easily pestered by people. Your reaction to provocation should always be matured. Patience helps in absorbing all the shocks in your onward journey.