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Reason For Applying Chandan Tilak Between Eyebrows

Chandan Tilak is applied between the two eyebrows to activate the Sushumna Nadi. Sushumna Nadi is the spot associated with intellect and human thoughts. The Chandan Tilak also helps in positively charging the ajna chakra or pineal gland, which is again associated with intellect, sex and thoughts.

When the invisible Sushumna Nadi and ajna chakra are activated, a man can make spiritual progress.

Ajna chakra is also referred as the third eye chakra.

Chandan tilak on the forehead of a murti (idol of Hindu Gods and Goddesses) awakens the pingala nadi. This act attracts the positive energy from surroundings and this is emitted on the people present at the puja.

The paste for chandan tilak to be worn on the forehead is prepared using both the hands. This act charges the both pingala nadi and ida nadi.

Reason For Applying Chandan Tilak Between Eyebrows

But the paste for putting on the forehead of a dead person is only prepared using right hand. This act charges only the pingala nadi. This activates the life force still left in the dead body. This helps in the faster disintegration of the body.

When we are under stress, tension or have excessive worries, we get headache. A worldly person constantly suffers headache. Chandan cools the forehead, protects and prevents loss of energy

Those wishing a spiritual life should not mix chandan paste with anything else other than water.

Those leading a family or worldly life can mix chandan with kumkum, turmeric or saffron.

Apart from the forehead of devout Hindus, Chandan is applied on the images of gods and goddesses, sage and on the photo of dead ancestors.

Chandan is also applied when welcoming a person to an important event, to the country, and even to the house. It is a respectful form of honoring guests.

Someone embarking on a journey is also applied with chandan as it is a sign of auspiciousness. It symbolically seeks lord's blessing for a safe and successful journey.