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Vishnu Srinivasa Story – How Lord Vishnu Got The Name Srinivasa?

One among the numerous names of Hindu God Vishnu is Srinivasa. Vishnu got this name after the churning of the ocean, or Samudra Manthan, an episode mentioned in the Puranas. During the churning of the ocean, numerous precious items appeared and one among it was Goddess Lakshmi or Shri, which represents prosperity.

The Devas (demigods) and Asuras (Demons) distributed numerous things among them like the Devas took the elephant, Asuras took the horse etc. But both the group showed no interest in Shri, which represents prosperity, as with it comes huge responsibilities.

Srihari Vishnu sought nothing. Goddess Lakshmi was impressed and She took Him as Her eternal companion.

Vishnu then placed Goddess Lakshmi on His chest. As Shri resides on His chest Vishnu came to be known as Srinivasa. The symbol of Goddess Lakshmi on the chest of Vishnu is known as Shrivatsa.