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Urad Dal Ke Totke in Shop to Increase Profit

A totke is a small process performed by Hindus in certain region to solve a tought situation and for desire fulfillment. Urad dal ke totle to increase profit in shop is very popular. Urad dal (black gram) is widely used in Hinduism.

Urad Dal Ke Totke

On Saturday just before closing the shop, take 50 grams of Urad dal (black color one) sprinkle it on the floor of office or shop.

Close the shop or office.

On Sunday morning sweep and collect all the Urad dal and tie it on a white cloth and place it outside the shop.

On next Saturday morning, leave it in a deserted place or in a junction where four roads meet.

Repeat the process for five Saturdays. You will see change in luck and there will increase in business and profit.