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Position of Safe as Per Vastu – Position of Box Where Valuables Are Kept

Safe is today an important part of homes, shops and other business establishments. Like many other aspects, there is also a position of safe as per Vastu Shastra. The position of box in which you keep valuables are important as per Vastu as it can decide your financial future.

Position of Safe as Per Vastu

As per Vastu, the safe should be kept on the south side. The safe should open towards north. North is the direction of progress. Lakshmi, Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha and Kuber reside in the North.

The vastu is the same for electronic safe and digital safe. Always it should open towards north.

Opt for yellow, blue or ivory color safe.

Keep yellow color cloth and thread in the safe always.

The safe should always contain some valuable. You should never leave it empty.

When you go on vacation, or when you are forced to remove the contents in the safe for some reason, leave a coin inside it.