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Naisargik Maitri In Hindu Astrology – Relationship Among Navagrahas

Naisargika Maitri is a term used in Hindu astrology for natural relationship (friendship, enemity or neutrality) among Navagrahas, the nine planets in Hinduism. Naisargik Maitri is decided on the basis of the lordship of houses from the mooltrikona rashi of a planet under consideration.

Naisargik Maitri is used in Hindu religion for assessing sapta varga bala of planets and for matching of horoscopes of a bride and groom.

Classical treatises on Hindu astrology uniformly mention the following rashis as mulatrikona rashis.
  1. Simha (Surya)
  2. Vrishabha (Chandra)
  3. Mesha (Mangal)
  4. Kanya (Budha)
  5. Dhanu (Guru)
  6. Tula (Shukra) and
  7. Kumbha (Shani).
Thus for a planet the house lords of the second, fourth, fifth, ninth and twelfth houses from its mooltrikona rashi are friends along with the exaltation Lord and the remaining are foes.

Using this concept, if both rashis are in maitri consideration, there is maitri; if, on the other hand, they are divided, it is sama (neutral), and if both are inimical, it is enmity.
Surya is friendly with Chandra, mangal and guru. It has enmity with Shukra and Shani. It is neutral with Budha.

Chandra is friendly with surya, mercury. He has no enemies. But he is neutral towards mangal, guru, shukra and shani.

Mangal is friendly with surya, Chandra and guru. He has enmity with Budha. He is neutral with shukra and shani.

Budha is friendly with surya and shukra. He has enmity with Chandra. He is neutral towards mangal, guru and shani.

Guru or Brihaspati is friendly with surya, Chandra and mangal. He has enmity with Budha. He is neutral with shani.

Shukra is friendly with mangal and shani. He has enmity with Chandra and surya. He is neutral with mangal and guru.

Shani is friendly with budha and shukra. He has enmity with surya, Chandra and mangal. He is neutral towards guru.

Astrologers Krishna Mishra and Nilkanth have considered a slightly different relationship among planets, but these ideas are restricted to horary astrology.

Surya and Chandra are each the lords of one rashi and hence they are neutrals. The relationship between two planets is not always the same mutually namely Chandra and budha. While for Chandra, Budha is a friend, for Budha Chandra is an enemy.

Rahu And Ketu

As per Parashara, for Rahu, Shukra and Shani are friends; Surya, Chandra and Mangal are enemies, while Budha is neutral.

For Ketu, Mangal, shukra and shani are friends, but surya and Chandra are enemies and both guru and budha are neutrals.

Manasagari gives importance to naisargika maitri for assessing dasha effects of planets in an individual’s life.

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