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Nadi Shuddhi Benefits

Nadi Shuddhi is the cleansing of the channels in the human body. Nadi in Sanskrit means a channel. Shuddhi means cleansing. There are numerous benefits of Nadi Shuddhi. It is one of the fundamental presuppositions of hatha yoga that prana (vital air) flows along the 72,000 nadis in the human body.

Among the 72,000 nadis in the human body, three nadis are said to be of prime importance. They are ida (left nadi), pingala (right nadi) and Sushumna (central nadi).

Sushumna Nadi is the most important and it is usually partially or fully clogged in all of us. With the practice of hatha yoga, especially pranayama, the impurities accumulated inside the nadis are removed.

When ida and pingala, which go to the left and right nostril respectively, are cleansed, the vital air starts entering the Sushumna.

First it makes an impact on the dormant kundalini power situated at its entrance. It rises up through the Sushumna, making way to prana to enter the inner passage. This is the final state of nadi shuddhi and brings about kevala kumbhaka, which is the culmination of a prolonged practice of pranayama.

Important Benefits Of Nadi Shuddhi

Svatmarama has mentioned in Hatha Yoga pradipika (II 19-20) the benefits of purification of nadis through pranayama.
  • He mentions that a student will get rid of all extra fat from the body and become slim.
  • A glow of well-being will spread all over the face.
  • The person will be able to hold the breath at will.
  • The digestion power of the practitioner of Nadi Shuddhi will improve greatly and there will be freedom from all disorders.
  • The person will start hearing nada (subtle sounds) by achieving stability of prana inside the twelve petaled lotus in the heart.

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