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Jalaja In Hinduism

Jalaja in Hinduism means a thousand petaled golden lotus. Thus she is the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. As a result of Sri Venkateswara’s tapasya, Sri Mahalaxmi was born in that golden lotus and married Him.

Since she was born in the lotus, she is called Padmavathi and Alamer Manga ie., divine lady that sparkles on the lotus. She is also Alamelu Manga.

Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the milky ocean as Padmanani, now thriving as Sri Venkatapati Devi. Like this, she is reborn in each yuga whenever Lord Vishnu appears on earth, as Ksheerabdi Kanyaka (lady born in milky ocean), Jalaja Nivasini (lotus dweller), daughter of Sage Bhrigu, Bhoomija (Sita), and lastly in Kali Yuga as Padmavathi, the daughter of Akash Raja’.

Lakshmi as Jalaja is quite solemn, evoking fear as she is the daughter of King of Oceans.
Even then, as Laxmi Devi she casts her benevolent looks on her devotees. Along with her, Kamadhenu (cow which grants all wishes), Kalpvriksh (tree that grants all wishes), and also Chintamani (the wish-filling jewel) emerged from the milky ocean during the samudra manthan.

She is renowned as the divine lady who grants more boons and has immense powers. She is closely related with Amrit (elixir). There is no doubt that she showers kindness and bliss to all the devotees that follow Dharma.