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Story of Son of Kumbhakarna Of Ramayana

Kumbhakarna of Ramayana had a son named Bhim. He was born to Kumbhakarna and his wife Karkadi. The couple had met and got married in the Sahyadri Mountains. When Kumbhakarna left for Lanka, Karkadi did not follow him.

She had Bhim, when Kumbhakarna was in Lanka. When Kumbhakarna got killed in the Ramayana, Karkadi hid her son as she did not want him to fall into the trap of Devas, demigods.

When Bhim grew up he came to know about the death of his father and the role played by Devas.

Bhim decided to take revenge and to gain strength he performed intense austerities. The tapas of Bhim was so intense that Brahma had to appear and offer him boon. The boons made Bhim stronger and powerful. He declared himself as God and started harassing all the living beings.

During this period there lived a king named Kamrupeshwar. He was an ardent devotee of Shiva. Bhim one day found out that the king was worshipping a huge shivling. He ordered the king to stop worshipping the shivling and instead start worshipping him.

The king did not move from the spot and continued worshipping the Shivling.

Bhim tried numerous means to stop the worship of Shiva. But he failed in all his attempts.
Finally, an angry Bhim decided to break the Shivling. He took out his sword and attempt to cut the Shivling. But Shiva appeared from the Shivling and easily overpowered and killed Bhim.

The Devas and king Kamrupeshwar who witnessed the divine incident asked Shiva to reside in the Shivling and bless all the living beings. Shiva agreed and this Shivling came to be known as Bhimashankar. It is one among the twelve Jyotirlinga temples in India.