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Story Of Sage Gadhi – Father Of Vishwamitra

Story of sage Gadhi is mentioned in the Mahabharata and Ramayana. He was the father of Sage Vishwamitra. Gadhi’s father King Kushika performed intense austerities to beget a son equal in prowess to Indra.

Indra himself incarnated as Gadhi.

Gadhi had a daughter named Satyavati and she married Sage Rchika.

Sage Rchika then performed a yajna to obtain a powerful son for himself and his father-in-law Gadhi.

At the end of the sacrifice, he entrusted Satyavati two bowls of sacrificial pudding. The first was to be consumed by her for begetting a saintly son and the second bowl was to be consumed by her mother for begetting a warrior son.

But the mother exchanged the bowls and Gadhi became the father of Sage Vishwamitra, who though born in a royal family became a great saint.