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Shukra and Gular Tree – How to Overcome Shukra Graha Problems Through Gular?

Gular Tree, also known as Indian fig tree or cluster fig tree, is associated with Shukra Graha. There is a popular belief in Hindu astrology that problems in horoscope or janam kundli due to Shukra Graha (Venus) can solved by the proper use of Gular Tree. The tree is known as atti in Kannada, umaraa in Gujarati, jagna dimaru in Assamese, dimbiri in Odia, aththi in Tamil and Malayalam, medi pandu in Telugu, malaiyin munivan in Tamil, umbar or audumbar in Marathi and jobdumur in Bengali.

How to Overcome Shukra Graha Problems Through Gular?

Sit near a Gular tree and chant शं शुक्राय नमः (om sham shukraya namah) 108 times.

Get a gular tree sapling on a Friday. Water it and keep it outside the house. Pour water daily to it. You can put some kumkum and uncooked rice under it on every Friday.

Making a locket using a small piece of gular wood and wearing it is considered beneficial in overcoming Shukra related issues.

Plant as many Gular tree as possible and take care of it.