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Maa Jageshwari Mandir Chanderi – Jageshwari Temple With 1100 Carved Shivling

Maa Jageshwari Mandir at Chanderi in Ashok Nagar District of Madhya Pradesh is unique as it is Swamyabhu – self manifested. Jageshwari Temple is an open cave. Chanderi was known as Chedi in the Mahabharata and region was ruled by numerous dynasties including the Guptas, Chandelas and Pratiharas.

The murti of Mother Goddess Jageshwari worshipped in the temple is believed to have been the form in which she gave darshan to Shishupal of Mahabharata. Shishupala was an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga.

The initial temple was built during the Mahabharata period by Shishupal.

It is believed that certain elements of the current temple was constructed between 6th and 11th century AD.

The murti worshipped in the temple only has its head.

The subsidiary shrines in the temple are dedicated to various forms of Shiva and Goddess Shakti.

There are numerous natural springs in the cave. The present temple structure around the cave was built to accommodate thousands of devotees that the throng the shrine daily.
The temple is also counted among the 51 shakti peethas. It is believed that the head of Goddess Sati fell at Chanderi.

Shivling With Surface Carved With 1100 Lingams

The temple complex has a unique Shivling which has 1100 lingams carved on it.
Another lingam is carved with the faces of Lord Shiva on all four sides.

Difficult To Reach The Temple
Situated on a hillside, Maa Jageshwari Mandir is accessed by climbing a long flight of stairs from the foot of the hill.

Another approach to the temple is the steep flight of stairs which descends from near the fort Kirti Durg.