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Hitopadesha Quotes And Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings from Hitopadesha.

A pot is gradually filled with water, as water falls into it, drop by drop. This is the way to gain all kinds of knowledge, virtue and money.

Education (knowledge) imparts modesty. And from modesty one gains a good position. From a good position, one earns money, and from money one can execute righteous deeds. From such deeds, one gets happiness.

Wealth reaches the lion among men, who engages himself in an occupation. Only cowards talk of divine help. Forget divine help and work with confidence. Even then if you do not achieve results, what is your fault?

Thousands of occasions of sorrow, and hundreds of occasions of fear, day by day attack the fool, not the sage.

As life is dear to one’s self, so also are those of all beings. On account of the resemblance to themselves, the good exercise compassion towards all living beings.

Those who have worldly desires suffer from restlessness even in the solitude of the forest. Those who have disciplined their senses, they practice austerities even while living in a crowded home.

Knowledge is destroyed by associating with the base; with equals equality is gained, and with the distinguished, distinction.

Circumspection in calamity; mercy in greatness; good speeches in assemblies; fortitude in adversity; these are the self attained perfections of great souls.

Like an earthen pot, a bad man is easily broken, and cannot readily be restored to his former situation; but a virtuous man, like a vase of gold, is broken with difficulty, and easily repaired.

A stranger who is kind is a kinsman; an unkind kinsman is a stranger.

There are two types of knowledge in use – the knowledge of strength and arms and the knowledge of books. The first is ridiculous in old age, while the second one is forever honorable.

As the potter forms the lump of clay into whatever shape he likes, similarly a man can regulate his own actions.

Those who are learned in Vedas and posses many knowledge experience trouble when their reason is blinded by greed.

A combination of even small things serves the occasion. An intoxicated elephant may be bound with a few straws when formed into a rope.

Fortune is with the man who exerts himself. They are weak men who declare fate as the sole cause for all misfortunes.

As the potter forms the lump of clay into whatever shape he likes even so may a man regulate his own actions.

From covetousness proceed ill nature and of ill nature is born stubbornness; from stubbornness is created a delusion of reason, and that delusion is the cause of sin.

Fortitude in adversity, and moderation in prosperity; eloquence in the senate, and courage in the field; great glory in renown, and labor in study; are the natural perfection of great minds.

A man who wants prosperity must give up these six negatives – sleep, drowsiness, fear, anger, laziness and postponing.

A rock is hauled to the top of a hill with great difficulty. But it is easily pushed down. Similarly, one rises with good qualities, but easily falls due to a single misdeed.

The intelligent spend their time by reading poetry and scriptures and indulging in humour. Fools, on the other hand, waste time in bad habits, sleep and quarrel.

Charity done with pleasing words, knowledge devoid of pride, valour associated with forgiveness, wealth associated with sacrifice – these four noble qualities are found very rarely.

The signs of an affectionate master are recognizing from distance, smiling, great respect even in making inquiries, praising one’s virtues even in one’s absence, remembering one amongst favorite things, attachment to one even when he is not in service, giving reward with sweet words, and considering only merits even when there are faults.

Delaying, raising hopes but disappointment in their fulfillment are characteristics of an indifferent master.

If a piece of glass instead of jewel is set in a crown, it is not the fault of the jewel but the lack of knowledge of the setter.

When the enemy is insignificant, and cannot be overcome by superior skill; a guard fit enough to kill him should be made use of.

Without pondering over his income, one who spends it rapidly according to his own resolve will soon be reduced to the state of want even though he was as rich as Kubera.

Hitopadesha Teachings on Knowledge 

Of all things knowledge is most valued treasure because it cannot be stolen, given away or consumed.

Knowledge produces humility, which then leads to worthiness, when then leads to richness and happiness.

Knowledge of weapons is of no use in old age but the knowledge of books serves through out the life of a man.

Knowledge without pride is hard to be found.

Like a humble stream meeting the might ocean, knowledge introduces a man to men of power and wealth.