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Go Ghrita – Cow Ghee Offering to Ganesha

Go Ghrita is an important offering in almost all pujas in Hinduism. Offering pure cow ghee to Ganpati during Visarjan helps in alleviating all the problems in life. गौघृत (cow ghee) is an important offering because it is believed in Hindu religion that all the gods and goddesses have their abode in the cow.

Some of the Cow Ghee offering to Ganesha include:
  • Lamp lit using ghee,
  • Bhog or Prasad (divine food) prepared using ghee and
  • Abhishekam or anointment with ghee
It is believed in some regions that offering ghee mixed with sindoor to Ganesh helps in getting his blessings. This mixture is then consumed. It helps in increasing strength and luster.