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Door Vastu Shastra – House Door Related Vastu in Hinduism

Kali Yuga is the age of superstition and fear. The deadly cocktail of superstition and fear will force us to perform all kinds of activities. Because of this, we have Vastu Shastra for every room and part of the house. There are numerous vastu tips related to the doors in the house. Here are some of them:

The main door in the house is very important, as it is the entrance to both positive and negative energy.

Doors Should Not Make Noise - Vastu Shastra
There should be no noise while opening and closing the house. If there is any kind of noise, it should be corrected at the earliest.

No Slamming Doors
The door should not be bang shut. If the wind is affecting the closing and opening of the door then it should be properly taken care by installing bushes and stops.

Main Door Should Open Towards Inside
The main door of the house should always open towards the inside. If the door is opening towards the outside then a family member will face constant health trouble.

Door Should Not Touch The Ground
The door should not touch the ground and make noise while opening and closing.

No Shadows
Shadows of trees or any other items should not fall on the main gate or the main door. No shadow should come inside the house through the main door. This will result in financial problems and poverty.

No Junk
Dustbin, junk, and unwanted items should not be kept near the main door of the house. The people living in the house will not achieve progress or success.

Broken Doors
Broken doors are an invitation to negative forces into the house. They should be changed or corrected immediately. 

Simple and Clean
Doors should always be simple and clean. They should toran or garland to keep negative forces away. 

Mango Leaves Toran and Swastika
The best is to keep toran of fresh mango leaves. It is always good to draw a swastika on the main door.

No Thorny Plants
Thorny plants should not be kept near the main gate or main door of the house.

Ganesha or Hanuman Should Guard and Bless
Keep a picture or murti of Ganesha, Hanuman, or Garuda facing the main door or main gate. This will help in keeping out all kinds of negative energy.