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Dining Table Vastu – Direction - Size

The materialistic world is filled with desires and fears. When there is fear, there is a problem with anything and everything. Dining table vastu is the result of such fear. Here is a look at the position, tips, direction of dining table in house as per vastu.

Dining Table Vastu - Size - Direction

  • The position of the dining table in the house should be in such a way that those sitting face east, north or northeast.
  • The dining table should be cleaned after a meal. At night or in morning take a glass of water mix it with salt and bit of turmeric powder. Sprinkle this water on the dining table using mango leaf. Wipe away the water using a clean cloth. This will help in keeping out all kinds of germs and negative forces.
  • No part of dining table should be made of glass as this will create conflict among family members.
  • Broken glassware should never be kept on the dining table. This will invite financial damage and health issues.
  • The dining table should be made of wood.
  • The dining table in home should never be round.
  • It is good to keep yellow or white color flowers on the dining table.
  • Unclean dining table with food leftovers, unclean plates and other food vessels will invite rahu, alakshmi and other negative forces. For Goddess Lakshmi to reside in the home the dining table should always be clean.