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Birth of Sri Krishna and Waters of Yamuna River Parting

Krishna was born at midnight in the prison of his uncle Kamsa. The newborn baby did not cry, it slept quietly by the side of his mother Devaki. His father, Vasudeva, was worried the guards may arrive any moment and see the newborn child. But to his surprise, all guards were fast asleep. Not just the guards, the entire universe was in a state of stupor.

Suddenly he noticed that the chains on his feet had unfastened. The prison doors were wide open.

Vasudeva realized the meaning of all the miracles. He decided to shift the newborn baby to the other side of Yamuna, to the house of his friend Nandagopa.

Vasudeva quickly bundled the baby into a basket and walked out in haste. He wanted to get the baby far away from the prison.

Torrential rains and heavy winds made the task difficult for Vasudeva.

When he reached the banks of Yamuna, the river was in full spate.

Then a miracle happened, when he stepped into the river, he found the waters of Yamuna River parting. It was making way for him to crossover with little Krishna.

As he moved ahead, the waters of Yamuna were leaping high to touch the feet of Krishna.

Vasudeva kept walking. He had this strange feeling that the thousand-hooded snake had formed a canopy and it was protecting the baby from the torrential rain.

Soon Vasudeva reached the house of Nandagopa, placed the baby near Yashoda, and returned to prison.