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Benefits of Purnima Puja of Vat Vriksha – Banyan Tree

It is widely believed by many Hindu communities that performing puja of Vat Vriksha (Bargad tree) or Banyan Tree has numerous benefits. The puja to tree on Purnima or full moon day in a traditional Hindu lunar calendar is highly beneficial. Here are the benefits of performing Vat Vriksha – Banyan Tree:
  • Those wishing to get married will have the wish fulfilled soon (early marriage).
  • The puja is performed for the wellbeing of married partner.
  • It is performed for a peaceful and happy family life.
  • For the fulfillment of desires related to relationship.
  • It is also performed to alleviate vastu dosha.
  • Sitting and meditating under the tree clears the mind and helps in clear and positive thinking.
  • Unmarried boy or girl offering water to Banyan Tree and walking around it 18 times will help in early marriage.
  • Planting banyan tree and taking care of it will help in having a peaceful and happy life.