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Aquarium Vastu Tips – Types of Fish – Position of Aquarium as per Vastu Shastra

An aquarium is part of many Hindu homes and it has nothing to do with Vastu Shastra as Hindus never kept any type of fish in glass bowls or aquariums. What people call as Aquarium vastu tips are those found in Feng Shui and China has a very long tradition of keeping fishes in bowls. The position of aquarium and types of fish in it is based on Feng Shui and not Hindu Vastu Shastra.

The main belief is that having an aquarium at home will help in keeping out all kinds of financial difficulties. There will be proper flow of money into the house.

There is a belief that fishes in the aquarium takes the difficulties coming into the house and thus keeps the house incident free. 

Position of Aquarium

 The aquarium should be kept in the northeast corner of the house or shop.

Married couples will have a good married life if they keep aquarium on the left side of the main entrance door. Newly married couples should select the aquarium and the fishes to be kept in it together.

The aquarium should never be kept in the kitchen or bedroom. This will attract negative energy.

The water in the aquarium should be changed frequently. This will help in increasing the positive vibration in the house. It is good to change 20% of the aquarium water once in two days.

There should be a black color fish in the aquarium. This will keep out all kinds of negative forces like evil eye, black magic etc.

The fishes that die should be placed under the earth – dig a hole, put the dead fish and cover it with mud. If you have planted pot at home, then put the fish in it and put mud over the dead fish.

It is believed that when a fish dies it is taking away with it difficulties that were coming to the house or family.