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Swamini Vimalananda Quotes And Teachings

A collection of thoughts, teachings and quotes of Swamini Vimalananda – associated with the Chinmaya Mission

We call actions thoughtless, indifferent, half hearted, distracted, mechanical, well planned, focused, kind, cruel etc. depending on the emotions and thoughts behind them.

The namaskara of an airhostess is often called mechanical, the handshake of a diplomat formal, the promises of a politician false, etc. Such actions lack the right emotions and thought behind them. They are therefore devoid of true or good essence.


We call the smile of a child genuine, the words of a saint touching or the masterpiece of an artist inspired, for these actions have in them the essence of truth, goodness or appropriateness.

Such actions or conduct backed by the right emotions and thoughts is called Sadachara.

Meditation is prescribed as a balm to remove all the stress and strain of life.

Even though the Truth, the self, is self-evident we are unable to realize the same due to gross obstacles like dullness of the intellect, attachment to pleasures and objects etc.

The gross obstacles are removed by spiritual practices like japa, asana, pranayama, practice of discrimination and self control, and cultivation of qualities like tolerance and faith.

When a disciple listens with faith, he understands that the import of the Scriptures is, “I am not the finite entity that I consider myself to be, but the Infinite Truth.

Swamini Vimalanandaassociated with the Chinmaya Mission