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Story of Shambhu Kumara – Son of Surpanakha

Shambhu Kumara was the son of Vidyut Jihva and Surpanakha. His story is found in the Aranya Kanda of Kamba Ramayana. Sri Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman had arrived at Panchavati area of the Dandaka forest during their 14-year exile and decided to put up an ashram there.

They decided to build an ashram at a spot surrounded by five pipal trees. Lakshman decided to cut some trees from the area for building ashram. He performed the required puja to the forest gods and asked for permission from the trees and the birds and other residents of the trees.

While he was felling the trees, one of the trees that was cut down disappeared immediately and a dead body of a Rakshasa appeared on the spot.

It was the corpse of Shambhu Kumara.

 When Sri Ram was in Dandaka forest, Shambhu Kumara was performing austerities to become more powerful. But he happened to see Mata Sita and was attracted by her beauty. He was following Mata Sita and at Panchavati transformed himself into a tree to enjoy the beauty of Mata Sita.