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Story of Rati in Hinduism Wife Of Kamdev - Goddess Rati

Rati was the daughter of Daksha Prajapati and was the wife of Kamdev, god of love in Hinduism. Rati means repose, rest, pleasure, enjoyment, delight, fondness. Pleasures of love, and sexual passion or union were personified as Goddess Rati.

Vehicle of Goddess Rati is swan. She holds sugarcane in her left hand and lotus bud in her right hand.

Kamdev was burned to ashes when he attempted to disturb the Tapas of Shiva. Rati lost her husband and it was impossible to control her.

Shiva consoled Rati by saying that she would meet her husband again in his next birth as the son of Sri Krishna. Rati then stayed with Brahma and performed austerities.

In her next birth, Rati was born as Mayavati and married Pradyumna, son of Krishna, who was the rebirth of Kamadeva.