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Story - Fake Head Of Lord Rama To Confuse Mata Sita

When Ravana failed to entice Mata Sita, he decided to use Maya to cheat and confuse Mata Sita. He asked one of his lieutenants, Vidyut Jihva, who was adept in the art of Maya to make a head of Rama and also a bow with arrows. This episode is found in the Yudha Kanda of the Ramayana.

Ravana then entered Ashokavana and told Sita that Prahastha, his commander, killed Rama in his sleep. He cut off the head of Rama. He also informed that Vibhishana was captured. Lakshman and other monkeys ran away from the shores of Lanka. Sugriva in lying on the battlefield injured and Hanuman was killed.

To convince Sita, Ravana asked Vidyut Jihva to bring the head and bow of Rama.

Ravana then lifted the bow of Sita and displayed it before her.

Sita for a moment believed that Rama was killed and the head before her was that of her husband.

Sita was in tears and she held herself responsible for the death of Rama.

Suddenly a messenger arrives at Ashokavana and informs Ravana about the arrival of Prahastha. Ravana realized that there was some urgent matter and left the place in a hurry.

When Ravana left Ashokavana, the head of Rama also disappeared. The bow too disappeared.

Sita could not understand what it was all about.

Sarama one of the Rakshasis who was sorry for Sita told her that the head was created by a Mayavi and all it was fake. She assured Sita that Rama and all the monkey army is safe and they have landed on the shores of Lanka to rescue her.