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Sri Muruganar Quotes And Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings of Sri Muruganar - disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi

For the man of Truth, seeking experience of the supreme state, the heroic action needed, is to draw in, the outward darting mind, and fix it firmly in the Heart.

Don't meditate at intervals. Abide without a break of steady Self-awareness. Instead of plucking hair after itching hair of thought, better shave the whole scalp clean.

If the mind turned outward and distracted, starts observing its own being, alienation ends, and the vestige ego, merges in the light of true Awareness, shining in the heart.

O mind, you wander far in search of bliss, not knowing your natural state of freedom. You will regain your home of infinite bliss, only if you go back the way you came.

Those who have sunk within their own inner selves to dwell as pure knowledge, so that their infatuation with worthless desires is abolished, will, through holy silence, establish the fulfillment of the real within their own selves. This practice of meditation upon consciousness itself is the true way.

None can confront and overcome the mind. Ignore it, then, as something false, unreal. Know the Self as the real ground and stand firm-rooted in it.

Losing false ego is awareness.

The ego image moves reflected in the mind's waves. How to stop this movement, how to regain the state of stillness? Don't observe these movements, seek the Self, instead. It is wisdom to gain and abide in silence.

Not like a boat's sail, outspread wide and worn away by wind and weather, but like the humble anchor, sunk in the vast ocean's depth, the mind should plunge and settle in the heart of wisdom.

Only a one-pointed mind, turned inward, succeeds in Self-inquiry. Weak, faltering minds, like green banana trees, are not fit fuel to feed this fire.

He who has vanquished thought, only he sits like an emperor on the neck of the majestic elephant, knowledge. Know for certain that the mind's movements alone give rise to birth and every cruel pain and sorrow.

When the ego, shaking off all tricky concepts, finally merges in the silence of the Heart, the fullness of blissful, bright Self-Awareness, this is what the sages call transcendent speech.