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Sri Aurobindo Teachings On Attachment

This a collection of teachings on attachment by Sri Aurobindo.

All attachment is a hindrance to sadhana.

Goodwill you should have for all, psychic kindness for all, but no vital attachment.

To become indifferent to the attraction of outer objects is one of the first rules of yoga.

Non-attachment liberates the inner being into peace and the true consciousness.

Physical rejection is not the best way to get rid of the attraction of material things. Accept what is given to you, ask for what is needed and think no more of it. Attaching no importance, use then when you have. Do not be trouble if you have not. That is the best way of getting rid of attachment.

Even after liberation, one has to remain vigilant of attachment.

If there has been an entire purification down to the depths and nothing is there to open the gate, then attachment cannot harm a person.