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Shoorpanakha meeting Sri Ram and Lakshman in Ramayana

The story of Ramayana takes a decisive turn with the entry of Rakshasi Shoorpanakha. She meets Bhagavan Sri Ram, Lakshman and Mata Sita at Panchavati. Bhagvan Sri Ram had set up an ashram there and was residing there in the company of holy saints.

Dandaka forest was the dwelling ground of Shoorpanakha. She used to roam around harassing saints and other living beings in the forest. It was by chance that Shoorpanakha reached the Panchavati area of the Dandaka forest.

She spotted Sri Ram sitting with Mata Sita and immediately fell in love with Sri Ram and wanted to become his wife.

Shoorpanakha was a huge figure. Her eyes were deep red and cruel. She had red hair. Her voice was like thunder. But she could change her form at will.

Shoorpanakha then approached Sri Ram and both introduced each other.

The rakshasi then made her intentions clear that she wanted to marry Sri Ram. The divine then brothers were amused at the request and decided to take her lightly.

Sri Ram said that he was married man and he loved his wife so he will not be able to marry her. He said that Lakshman, his brother, had no wife in the forest and might show interest in her. (Please note that Sri Ram is playing sport with Surpanakha and Lakshman is also married to Urmila).

When Shoorpanakha approached Lakshman, he said that he was a servant of Sri Ram and how will it be possible for her to become the wife of a servant. He said that she should try to impress Sri Ram.

Shoorpanakha then realized that it was because of Mata Sita that Sri Ram was not interested in her. She decides to devour Mata Sita and rushes towards her.

Sri Ram held Mata Sita back and asks Lakshman to punish the rakshasi.

Lakshman took out his sword and snipped the tips of the nose and ears of Shoorpanakha.

Thus ends the first meeting of Sri Ram with Surpanakha in the Ramayana.

The Rakshasi ran away in pain to her brother Khara.