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Narada Smriti Quotes And Teachings

A small collection of quotes and teachings from Narada Smriti. The text is considered as a Dharmashastra in Hinduism.

Truth is the greatest gift and the highest duty.

If a human being follows truth all his life, then he is a living god.

Following truth is great than performing hundred yajnas.

Truth is the one mode of winning purity,
truth the ship that bears men to heaven,
truth weighted against a thousands-horse sacrifices outweighs them,
truth is the highest oblation,
the highest asceticism,
the highest morality,
truth is the summit of bliss,
by telling truth man attains by himself the highest self which is itself truth.

Truth is said to be the one unequalled means of purification of the soul.

The truth is the ladder by which man ascends to heaven as a ferry plies from one bank of a river to the other.