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Story Of Wife Of Bharata In Ramayana - Mandavi

In the Ramayana, Mandavi was the daughter of Kushadhwaja – brother of Janaka. She was a cousin of Mata and she was the wife Bharata, the second brother of Bhagavan Sri Ram.

When Rama was exiled, Bharata, who refused to become the king of Ayodhya. He went to Rama and returned with his Sandals.

He built a tiny Ashrama at Nandigram and remained there, worshipping Rama and doing the duty of a ruler as ordered by Rama.

Mandavi supported her husband’s decision. She too spend her time in meditation and helping her husband.

Mandavi is also the name of a river, which follows through North Karnataka and Goa.

Shrutkirti was the younger sister of Mandavi and she married Shatrughna, the last the four sons of Dasharatha.