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Goddess Harsiddhi - Information On Goddess Harasiddhi

Harsiddhi is one among the nine forms of Goddess Durga mentioned in the Agamas. This is a calm and serene form of Goddess Durga. To Her devotees, She is the wish fulfilling mother. Information about Harasiddhi is found in the Skanda Purana and Narada Purana.

By worshiping Harsiddhi, man shall be blessed with all Siddhis.

In murti form worshiped in temples, Harsiddhi has four arms and she holds damaru, kamandala, khadga and a drinking vessel.

Temples dedicated to Harsiddhi are found in many parts in North and Western parts of India.

Harsiddhi was the family deity of Emperor Vikramaditya and there is a temple dedicated to Her near the Mahakaleshwar Temple.

Harsiddhi is also the family deity of Yadavas. She is believed to have been worshipped by Sri Krishna before going into battle against Jarasandha.