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Ananda Acharya Quotes And Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings of Ananda Acharya (1881 - 1945) 

You need rest, perfect rest. There comes a time in the life of man when the body and the brain and the mind want to feel the stillness of the Universal Spirit. Then, the best thing is to do nothing, to think about nothing. That takes away all misfortune, that cures all disease, that soothes all sorrow, that alone makes man whole again.

Brahman’s truth is revealed in higher knowledge and reflected in lower knowledge; in higher knowledge Brahman is the very freedom of eternity.

Brahman is complete and perfect and blissful. Brahman cannot be understood, because He is the understanding itself.

He cannot be enjoyed, because He is the essence of joy, attributeless and impersonal, independent and self-sufficient. Brahman is not to be thought of as the cause of creation, for He is without motive and there is nothing outside of Him to create.

He is all-embracing, all-conscious, and all-complete. He is only to be indicated by the word OM (Yea). This Brahman is to be known in higher knowledge.