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Story By Mata Amritanandamayi – For Success Face Tough Situations In Life With Equanimity

Story by Mata Amritanandamayi that explains who success in life is brought by our ability to face any situation with equanimity.

A flight to New York, scheduled to leave at 10 o’clock, was ready to take off at an airport. The passengers were feeling impatient while waiting in line to board the plane. Suddenly an announcement was made that the flight to New York was cancelled due to an aircraft malfunction. Passengers were asked to accept the inconvenience. There was a big commotion among the passengers on hearing this announcement. In the midst of this commotion, a businessman went up to the counter and lost his temper, “Do you know that I will lose millions of dollars in business if I do not get to my meeting on time tomorrow? Who will compensate for my loss? I am going to sue you and your airlines for a huge amount of money for all the losses I will incur. I will see you in court,” he thundered.

The person at the counter began explaining with humility, “Sir, excuse us.” “No, no,” the businessman interrupted, “Do not talk to me about it. Do you know who I am? I will not rest until I see you fired from your job.” Showing his anger by hitting on the counter really hard, the man left.

The man right behind this businessman approached the salesman with a smile. “Good evening. Please excuse me for bothering you at such a hectic time. Will you please help me? I have to be in an emergency meeting tomorrow in New York. It will be a great help if you could assist me in finding a way to get there at the earliest possible time.”

The salesman immediately checked his computer and said, “There is a vacancy on the flight to Washington leaving in half an hour. Once you are there, you can catch the five o’clock flight to New York and be there in less than an hour.” “Thank you very much. Can you please book the seat for me? I will never forget this timely help.”

Both of these men were going to attend the same meeting. Because of his impatience and anger, the seat that would have been given to the first man was lost. The second man, with his patient behaviour and kind words, was able to awaken the goodness in the salesman. Thus the second gentleman was able to take advantage of the situation. More than our knowledge and ability, what brings success in life is our ability to face any situation with equanimity.

Source – Article in Indian Express on August 23, 2013