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Sri Rama Devi Amma Quotes And Teachings

Sree Rama Devi Amma (1911 – 1978) - This is a collection of quotes and teachings of Sri Rama Devi Amma. The best way to know a Guru is through teachings.

Be a lover of God and you will not lack anything.

All miseries come from want of faith in Truth. A man of faith is the strongest one. So throw away this sense of identification with a body and a finite personality, through reflection, through force of faith, through love of the Cosmic Power, through strength of identity with the Self.

Within the sphere of mental life, characterized by thoughts and imaginations, desires and delusions, the discovery of the divine nature is impossible. When the mind is stilled into the depth of profound silence, the latent divinity shines forth as the hidden sun emerges from behind the overhanging clouds. Silence is therefore the most appropriate condition of mind in which the mind can receive the transforming touch of the Divine.

They say, forget the world and God will appear before you. But Mother tells you, you need not forget the world altogether, but remember God, devoutly long for his vision, await His arrival in vigilant aspiration and do your work in the world as an act of service to Him. If you do this, the All-merciful will reveal Himself to you one day and show you that your Self and the world are He only.

Let the silent Guru teach you. Be obedient. Scriptures can give you only information but the illumination comes out of Guru’s mercy. Obedience and service of the Guru are the means to the invocation of this mercy. Worship the Guru’s feet with devotion and humility, sacrificing the pride of learning.

One starts from home for the darshan of the deity and on the way to the temple comes across a crowded fair. Beautiful things are displayed there for sale. Mind naturally gets attracted. Longing to possess them, he enters the place and spends time in purchasing the things. His mind is so much engrossed in buying that he forgets the very purpose for which he has started from home. When he remembers that and reaches the temple premises, alas, he finds the temple doors closed. This is the fate of the deluded jiva here in this sense-world which indeed is but a huge big fair.

Faith is the most blessed attainment in life, in the wake of which, man finds himself in a region beyond the touch of misery. It is the luminary of hope and heavenly glory. Men of faith meet with success everywhere, in this world of work as well as in the realm of divine contemplation.