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Mahapurush Maharaj Teachings And Quotes

Mahapurush Maharaj or Swami Shivananda – a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, and the second President of Ramakrishna Order.

The great secret of true success, of true happiness, is this: the person who asks for no return, the perfectly unselfish person, is the most successful.

Be strong! Don't talk of ghosts and devils. We are the living devils.

Even when you sleep, keep the sword of discrimination at the head of your bed, so that covetousness cannot approach you even in dream. 

Cultivate discrimination between the Real and the unreal, and you will know about the hollowness of the pleasures of sense objects.

Be perfectly resigned, perfectly unconcerned; then alone can you do any true work.

A tremendous stream is flowing toward the ocean, carrying us all along with it; and though like straws and scraps of paper we may at times float aimlessly about, in the long run we are sure to join the Ocean of Life and Bliss.

Thoughts On Fasting

Fasting controls passion. Fasting destroys sexual excitement. It calms the emotions. It controls the Indriyas also. Passionate young men and ladies should take recourse to occasional fasting. It will prove highly beneficial. 

Fasting is a great Tapas. It purifies the mind. It destroys a great multitude of sins.

Fasting controls particularly the tongue, which is your deadly enemy. When you fast, do not allow the mind to think of delicious dishes, because then you will not derive much benefit.

Just as impure gold is rendered pure by melting it in the crucible again and again, so also, the impure mind is rendered purer and purer by fasting again and again.

Fasting is one of the ten canons of Yoga. You will get purity, light, strength and knowledge.

Avoid excessive fasting. It will produce weakness. Use your commonsense. Those who are not able to observe a full fast can fast for nine or twelve hours and can take milk and fruits in the evening or at night.

Mahapurush Maharaj on Overcoming Mental Disturbances

The mind is never quiet and this is the way of the mind. Restlessness is its very nature. There is nothing to fear in that— whether you feel joy or not, whether you taste the sweetness or not, do not give up your devotional practices.

As you continue with your japa and meditation, the mind will become steady—then you will experience joy. 

Try to perform your spiritual practices and devotions without break and with great zeal, and pray to Thakur (Sri Ramakrishna) with real yearning.

Through constant practice, dispassion, and with his grace, the mind will become steady and you will experience joy. 

Be one-pointed in your devotion and enthusiastically perform your spiritual practice with faith and firm conviction. Through these means, success is certain.