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Benefits of Betel Leaf Offering in Hindu Religion – Why is Betel Leaf Offered During Hindu Pujas?

Betel leaf is an important offering in Hindu religion, especially during pujas and rituals. It is considered beneficial and efficient as per Hindu astrology. The leaves are associated with Navgraha Budh – planet mercury.

Betel leaf is offered during Hindu pujas because it is holy and all the important deities in Hindu pantheon are present in the betel leaf. It is one among the eight auspicious items in Hinduism.

The leaf is put in the water used to bathe murtis (idols) of gods and goddesses in temples, house puja rooms, and sacred places.

The leaf is also used to pour liquids during puja, especially on the murtis.

It is an indispensable part of all important pujas and rituals performed at home.

It is also an essential item in various tantric pujas.

The betel leaf used for pujas and offering should fresh. Torn, broken, old, rotten and dried leaf should not be used.

Benefits of Betel Leaf Offering in Hindu Religion

In some regions, people keep betel leaf in pocket or purse or bag when they go out to an important meeting, interview, exam or work. It is believed that the leaf brings good and luck and the person will achieve success in the mission.

It is believed that eating a betel leaf on Wednesday will strengthen the Budh Graha in the horoscope – this planet in Hindu astrology is associated with intelligence and studies.

Offering betel leaf on Wednesday to Ganesha will help in alleviating all kinds of problems in life.

Offering betel leaf on Mondays to Lord Shiva will help in desire fulfillment.

In some regions when people suspect evil eye is causing problems in life they then eat betel leaf along with petals of a rose flower. This helps in getting rid of an evil eye.

Making a garland using eight betel leaves and five peepal leaves and put it on the north side of shop or business establishment will help in achieving profit and prosperity. This should be done for five Saturdays. Each Saturday the old garland should be thrown in a river.

If you are facing constant problems and lack of success in certain matters, then carry a betel leaf when you go to get the problem resolved. This will help in solving the problem successfully.