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108 Bel Patra Offering To Shiva To Overcome Money Problems

Bel patra is the most widely used leaf to Lord Shiva in Hindu religion. There is a belief that offering 108 bel patra to Shivling will help in overcoming all kinds of money related problems.

How To Offer 108 Bel Patra To Lord Shiva?

The Bilva Patra to be used in worship can be bought on any day. But the leaf should not be plucked on ashtami, chaturdashi, amavasya, purnima and during sankranti.

The best day to make the offering is Monday or on Pradosh or Chaturdashi tithi.

Ideal time to make the offering is morning or during pradosh period (starting 1.5 hours before sunset).

The person offering the bilva leaves should wear white color dress. Lamp, bhasma, aak flowers, dhoop and white sweet should be offered during puja.

Bilva leaves should be offered one by one and each time ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ should be chanted.

After offering the Bilvashtakam stotram should be chanted.