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Vishuddhi Chakra In Hindu Religion

Vishuddhi Chakra is at the base of the throat and is situated above the heart chakra. Vishuddhi means pure. The name is derived from the fact that by meditating on the self in the form of Hamsa, the mind attains purity.

This Chakra has a sixteen petaled lotus of a purple hue with the sixteen vowels of the Sanskrit alphabet from ‘a’ to ‘ah’ on them.

In the pericap of the lotus, there is a vyoma mandala (ethereal region) having a white luster like the full moon. Its bija called hum is seated on a white elephant. The bija has four arms. Two of them hold the pasha (noose) and ankusha (goad), while the other two hands make the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fear.

In the lap of the bija is seated Shiva with three eyes, five faces, and ten arms, seated on tiger skin spread on the back of the Bull.

He is in the form of Ardhanarishwara (half-male, half-female). He is of golden hue on the left (female), and snow white on the right (male).

Shiva carries the shula (trident), tanka (battle axe), kripana (sword), vajra (thunderbolt), dahana (fire), nagendra (king of snakes), ghanta (bell), ankusha (goad), and pasha (noose). With the tenth hand, Shiva makes the gesture of dispelling fear (abhaya mudra).

The presiding deity of the lotus is Shakini. She is dressed in yellow and has four arms, five faces and three eyes. By meditating on this lotus, the adept, with his senses and intellect purified, attains liberation from the cycle of birth and death.