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How Navagraha Budha Got His Name? – Story Of The Name Of Budh Graha

Budh is the son of Sage Brihaspati and Tara. But he was fathered by Chandra, the Hindu Moon God. Here is the story as to how Budha Graha got his name.

Sage Brihaspati was the Guru of the Devas and he was only interested in rituals and studies. The Sage never showed any interest in Tara. A disillusioned Tara soon fell in love with Chandra and abandoned her husband.

Indra, the king of Devas, once decided to conduct a yajna to get stronger to face the Asuras or demons.

Sage Brihaspati used this as an opportunity and said that he can only perform the yajna with his wife by his side.

The Devas were divided on the issue. Some saw no reason in Tara returning to a husband who only needed her for rituals. They argued that Tara should remain with Chandra, who valued her as a living being.

But the Devas could not stop the yajna, so Indra decided that Tara should return to Brihaspati. Tara returned reluctantly and the yajna was completed successfully.

But soon it was discovered that Tara was pregnant. Both Chandra and Brihaspati claimed to be the father. Tara kept quiet. But as the debate raged, the unborn child cried out – and wanted to know who his father was?

All that gathered there were amazed by the desire of the child to know the truth. The gods declared that he will be Budh – the lord that rules the intellect.