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Thar Desert And Hindu Religion - Story of the Formation of Thar Desert in the Ramayana

Thar Desert is located in the northwestern part of India. There is an incident in the Ramayana which explains the story of formation of Thar Desert as per Hinduism. The story begins with Sri Ram, Lakshman and Vanaras trying to find a way to cross the ocean to reach Lanka.

Story of the Formation of Thar Desert in the Ramayana

On the advice of Vibhishana, Sri Ram meditates to invoke the lord of ocean – Sagara or Varuna. But after three days and night of meditation, there was no sign of the lord of the ocean.

Sri Ram thought that his patience and politeness is seen as a sign of weakness by Varuna. He immediately took up bow and let fly a potent arrow into the ocean. Suddenly the waves grew tall as mountains and there was confusion and commotion in the ocean.

Sri Ram then took a second arrow but Lakshman caught Sri Ram’s arm before he could release it. Lakshman was worried at plight of the ocean and creatures in it.

However, since the arrow was mounted it had to be discharged. Hanuman then advised to shoot it in the opposite direction.

Sri Ram shot the arrow to the north and the place where it fell came to be known as the Thar Desert.

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