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Story of Origin of Solah Shringar - Names of 16 Adornments of Hindu Woman - What Items Are Part of Solah Shringar List?

Solah Shringar is the sixteen love charms worn by Hindu women. The story of origin of Solah Shringar is associated with Rati, wife of Kamdev. It is believed that she was blessed with 16 adornments by Goddess Lakshmi. A woman in order to attract her lover resorted to solah shringar in various parts of the body after this incident. This article also provides below the names of 16 Adornments of Hindu Woman. The items that are part of Solah Shringar varies from region to region.

Rati was a not so beautiful girl. Men did not find her attractive. This saddened her.

She then performed intense austerities to please Goddess Lakshmi.

Pleased with the devotion of Rati, Goddess Lakshmi blessed her with Solah Shringar.

Goddess Lakshmi told Rati that whoever bedecks her body with solah shringar will enchant her man and there will be prosperity in her household.

With the help of Solah Shringar, Rati became of the wife of Kamdev, the most handsome man in the universe.

Solah Shringar is an important aspect of Hindu marriages especially in North India. It is related to the 64 fine arts women of ancient India learned.

Names of 16 Adornments of Hindu Woman

There are no single list of Solah Shringar. Ancient texts give different lists.

In the fifteenth century AD, Valabhdev in his book Subhashitawali refers to the sixteen shringar. They are:
  1. Manjan (toothpaste)
  2. Cheer vastra (attire)
  3. Har (Garland)
  4. Tilak (mark on the forehead)
  5. Netranjan (black ointment in the eyes)
  6. Kundal (earring)
  7. Nasamauktik (ornament in the nose)
  8. Keshpash rachana (hairdo)
  9. Kanchu (adornment of bosom)
  10. Nupur (anklet)
  11. Sugandha angrag (fragrant pastes)
  12. Kankan (ornament for hand)
  13. Charan rag mahavar (vermilion)
  14. Jhanakti mekhaa kardhani (girdle)
  15. Tambul (betel leaf)
  16. Kardarpan (a small mirror in the hand)
The list might differ but the objective is clear that the woman should look her best, beautiful, well turned out and fragrant to attract her lover. She should be irresistible to her lover.

What Items Are Part of Solah Shringar List?

What Items Are Part of Solah Shringar?

Another famous list is found in the Ujjawal-Neetmani written in the 15th century by Roop Goswami. This list is mostly influenced by the Raas Leela of Bhagavan Sri Krishna.
  1. Snan (bath)
  2. Nasagra mani (ornament on nose)
  3. Astipat (black or blue dress)
  4. Kardhani (girdle)
  5. Venibandhan (hairdo)
  6. Karnavtans (ornament for the ear)
  7. Ang Charchana (application of various scented oil and pastes and perfumes on the body)
  8. Kesh Pushpa Dharan (flowers worn on hair)
  9. Kanth Pushpa Mala (garland around the neck)
  10. Hathona me kamaldharan (holding lotus flower)
  11. Tambul  (betel leaf)
  12. Kasturi or chabuk (A special mark using kasturi)
  13. Nayan anjan (collyrium in the eyes)
  14. Chitran (Making pictures on the body – tattoos which are not permanent)
  15. Alaktak mandit charan (vermilion on feet)
  16. Bhal par tilak (a mark on the forehead)