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Maa Thawewali in Hindu Religion – Story Of Goddess Thawewali

In Hindu religion, Maa Thawewali is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti and she is worshipped at Thawe Durga Temple at Thawe near Gopalganj in Bihar. It is widely believed that Mother Goddess Durga appeared here to answer the prayers of her devotee named Rahasu Bhagat. She then annihilated a king who was troubling the people of the region.

Story Of Goddess Thawewali

Goddess Thawewali is believed to be a manifestation of Goddess Kamakhya who is worshiped in the famous Kamakhya Temple near Guwahati in Assam.

Story Of Goddess Thawewali

Legend has it that Maa Thawewali appeared in the dream of a devotee of her named Rahasu Bhagat and asked him to offer her grass at night which turned into edible rice in the morning. Using this rice Rahasu Bhagat fed the people of the region, which was badly affected by a famine.

But the king of region was jealous of the fame of Rahasu Bhagat and asked him to show him his Goddess.

Rahasu Bhagat warned the king of its consequences. But the evil king did not budge and finally, to answer the prayers of her ardent devotee Mother Goddess Durga appeared at Thawe.

Maa Thawewali appeared with four arms riding on a vehicle pulled by seven lions.

She destroyed the palace of the king, annihilated his soldiers and finally killed the king.

As she appeared at Thawe, Mother Goddess came to be known as Maa Thawewali.