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Why Narmada Is Considered To Be A Holy River In Hindu Religion?

Narmada is a holy river in Hindu religion and is associated with Lord Shiva. It is believed that a mere darshan of the holy river Narmada helps in purifying the soul. It is also believed that taking a holy dip or bath in Narmada is equal to taking bath in Ganga River.

Narmada is extensively mentioned in the Puranas and there are chapters dedicated to it in the Vayu Purana and Skanda Purana. Narmada is also known as Reva and Shankari.

There are numerous legends associated with Narmada. One legend says that Goddess Ganga once in a year appears in Narmada in the form a black cow and washes all the sins collected in Ganga. This shows the holiness of the river.

There are numerous stories regarding the origin of Narmada River in Hindu scriptures. She is considered to be the daughter of Lord Shiva. It is believed that once while Shiva was meditating in the Amarkantaka Peak, Narmada spontaneously appeared from his body. Her sight evoked tenderness (narma) in Shiva and thus she was called Narmada.

Another story says that the sweat of Lord Shiva started gathering in a pond and it flowed down to earth to form Narmada River.

Another story says that River Narmada and River Sone were created from two tear drops of Lord Brahma which fell on earth.

One of the most popular temples located on the banks of the river is the Omkareshwar Temple.