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What is Kumbha Vivah in Hinduism and Astrology

Kumbha Vivah in Hinduism and Hindu Astrology is getting married to a pot and this is suggested for those females and males whose horoscope has a bad marriage prediction. This is strictly related to astrological practices followed in certain regions especially among Marathi speaking community. The ritual is based on folk tradition and beliefs. Some people consider this as superstition.

In Kumbha Vivah – the Kumbha stands for void or null.

Kumbha is a clay pot. It has nothing inside it. By getting first married to the Kumbha the belief is that all the bad predicted in the first marriage gets over.

The pot is broken and thus all bad ends with the broken pot.

There are several variations of this ritual.

The ritual is mostly performed by manglik or people who have chowa dosham in their horoscope.

There is difference of opinion even among astrologers regarding the outcome of the ritual. Some say it will solve all the problems. But others are of the view that it does not mitigate the doshas.